Introducing Lobby Jackpot!

Get Ready to Win Big with the Lobby Jackpot

We're thrilled to announce the newest addition to Uptown Aces: the legendary Lobby Jackpot! As one of the top online casinos, we're always looking for ways to enhance your gaming experience and provide you with the best options.

What is the Lobby Jackpot?

It's a fantastic feature that gives you the opportunity to win big while you enjoy your favorite casino games on your mobile or desktop. It's an additional layer of excitement that can be randomly triggered, making each spin even more thrilling!

How much does it cost?

Once you opt-in, it'll only cost $0.01 per spin.

What's the prize, and how can you claim it?

The Lobby Jackpot can be triggered at any random moment and reach a maximum of $50. Some lucky players may even win $100! And the best part? You can opt-in or opt-out at any time.

If you win, you'll receive a notification and can easily claim your cash prize. Furthermore, you can check out the fortunate winners in the lobby within the Lobby Jackpots section.

Can I join now?

You sure can! Head to your casino lobby, log in to your account and click Opt-in. Then, start spinning and get ready for some heart-pumping action!

How do I opt-out?

Click on the burger menu, then click on Lobby Jackpot, and finally Opt-out.

What about free spins and bonuses?

Please note that free spins and bonuses are not eligible for the Lobby Jackpot. Additionally, only slots contribute to the jackpot. However, don't worry since we offer plenty of options for you to choose from!

Hot games

Top-Paying Games

Another month of luck is underway and hundreds of players will experience superb luck in our games. That is what our stats reveal every month when we review and share them with you. 

Let’s begin with the top-paying games of the previous month (we are sure they are still some there that are hot!): 

Slot Machine RTP (return to player)
Football Frenzy 141.70%
Mermaid's Pearls 128.10%
Shanghai Lights 126.70%
High Fashion   126.70%
Eternal Love 122.10%

Most Played Games

And if you want to know which games are popular right now, here are our top games with the most wagers so far this month: 

1,548,380 Spins1,462,482 Spins1,449,634 Spins1,440,320 Spins1,429,977 Spins

Unprecedented winnings are possible at Uptown Aces when you play our hot slots!

Reach The Summit of Luck!

  • Every month we see an impressive list of winners at Uptown Aces. Our winners are coming from every corner of the world. There is no secret to winning, other than playing the right game at the right time! 

    Congratulations to the top winners in October!

  • User october2008 hit $46,950.00 on Storm Lords on October 24th
  • User laneace44 hit $8,000.00 on Witchy Wins on October 26th
  • User brandync007 hit $7,931.84 on Halloween Treasures on October 8th
  • User jlhwp617 hit $4,200.00 on Cai Hong on October 2nd
  • User Krissoo21 hit $3,772.50 on Ghost Ship on October 30th

Make it your lucky day at Uptown Aces and go for a big payout!

Hot Games of the Month

Top-Paying Games

We keep no secrets here at Uptown Aces, in fact, we like to share our statistics, so our most loyal players get a real chance of winning more at our site. Each month we see several games that pay over the expected return rate. This randomness in the paying patterns is what allows our players to take out more than they put into the games.

Here is the list of our top paying games this month so far: 

Slot Machine RTP (return to player)
Lucha Libre 2 137.60%
Three Kingdom Wars  133.60%
Return of the Rudolph 119.20%
Lucky Catch   116.80%
Nova 7s 115.30%

Most Played Games

And if you want to know which games are popular right now, here are our top games with the most wagers so far this month: 

Slot Machine Number of spins
 Fortunate Buddha 1,800,352 Spins
Neon Wheel 7s 1,597,618 Spins
Sweet 16 1,278,435 Spins
Plentiful Treasure 991,208 Spins
Sweet 16 Blast! 922,179 Spins

Unprecedented winnings are possible at Uptown Aces when you play our hot slots!

Reach The Summit of Luck!

  • Every month we see an impressive list of winners at Uptown Aces. Our winners are coming from every corner of the world. There is no secret to winning, other than playing the right game at the right time! 

    Congratulations to the top winners of the month so far:

  • User Mattfearne23 hit $49,713.00 on Triple Twister on September 13th 
  • User dmannion12 hit $19,353.39 on Naughty Or Nice on Sept. 16th 
  • User MonstersInc666 hit $12,526.28 on Return of the Rudolph on Sept. 8th 
  • User Vvhjjjjjooo hit hit $8,150.00 on Megaquarium on Sept. 19th 
  • User Bj55phs hit $3,864.25 on Sweet 16 Blast! on Sept. 21st

Make it your lucky day at Uptown Aces and go for a big payout!

Priceless tips for slot machines

If you can't keep your hands off a slot machine, you need to learn how to treat it with respect. A slot machine is a whimsical lover; it can take you to the heights of ecstasy as quickly as to the pits of frustration.

Every slot player must learn basic rules and tips to make the most of every minute spent in the company of slot machines. Here are our suggestions for you when playing slot machines at Uptown Aces or any other casino.

Max Bet Rule

It has been going as a rule of thumb that you must always play slots in Max Bet to get the best pay-back rates. This may be true in some land-based casinos, but Uptown Aces does not set independent pay-out rates per denomination. If a slot machine is set to pay at 95%, it will do so in every denomination allowed.

However, do note that some slots, especially 3-reel slots, have higher pay-table prizes when you play Max Bet. In this scenario, playing Max Bet is essential to get best returns.

Play all Pay-lines

Slots allow you to select how many pay-lines you want to bet on. We recommend that you always play all pay-lines on any slot that has more than 3-paylines. This makes it easier to land winning combinations, especially in aligning special icons that will trigger the bonus features.

Pick your pay-out style

Are you someone that enjoys getting frequent wins or are you hunting for large prizes after long strenuous sessions? Identify what type of player you are and locate the slots that are ideal for you. Our games preview allows you to read whether the game has low, medium or high volatility. The lower volatility means that the game prefers to give small to medium prizes frequently. High volatility means the game will often go through dry patches only then to release higher jackpots.

When to stop playing

It is important to set a budget for every visit to the casino. Having a fixed amount to play makes it easier for you to manage your money. If you want to play one evening with $30, you can set certain rules to your play. For example, to switch machine if you lose $10 of your original balance. This way you get to explore more games than if you keep playing carelessly without paying attention to you balance.

Every spin independent

Forget everything you have ever heard about how or when a slot machine will pay. Every spin is random and independent from the last. If a slot is tight after a few hundred spins, it doesn't mean it will loosen up. There is not bullet-proof strategy that can help you beat a slot machine; you simply need pure luck: playing the right machine at the right time.

Exploit your comps

Be sure to be part of the Loyalty Program at Uptown Aces and play the slots with highest comp point compensation. Ask the casino host for tips on which bonuses or slots have the highest comp rewarding scheme.

Entertainment value

Let's not forget that playing slots is all about the entertainment. Modern slots have innovative bonus features that create suspense as you wait for the coming payout. Identify which bonus features you enjoy most in a slot machine. Is it Free Spins, Interactive Bonus Rounds, expanding Wilds, Scatter Icons, Multipliers or Collapsible Wilds? Once you have your list, go and find the slot games that offer those precise features and enjoy every minute.

Play with a 
400% Match Bonus + 40 Spins on Top!
Redeem Code: WKND400SLOTS

Offer requires a $40+ deposit and it holds 40x roll over + 10x on spins winnings. Valid for limited time. Please check your inbox for details.

Becoming Bonus Smart

Train your 👀 to recognize where you can profit from our fair and generous promotions

Any experienced online casino player will quickly recognize that Uptown Aces has one of the most varied collections of weekly promotions. New players may feel overwhelmed by the possibilities and it’s important for us that players redeem the promotions that will get maximum return for each individual. Every player is different. Some come for purely entertainment value, others for the occasional win, other still for a life-changing jackpot.

In the article below we will advise you on which promotions to claim based on your style of play. We also suggest you check our article on 7 habits that are shared by effective players around the world

1) Let’s identify first what kind of player you are:

Entertainment value: you play in your leisure hours as a hobby or pastime. There is no sense of urgency in getting a win. What is important is getting good returns so the playing sessions last as long as possible and you get your money’s worth. You deposit low to medium amounts. Usually wager low amounts to make your deposits last.

Casuals: you don’t play regularly, but when you do decide to play you are looking for a balance of thrills & winnings. You look to win but understand that it’s not always possible. You want to feel the thrill of a win building up, even if in the end you bust. Your wagers fluctuate, wagering higher when you are on a good roll. You deposit from low to medium-high amounts.

Serious or professional: You make it a business to beat the casino. You know the rules of the games and play them with perfect strategies. You bet hard to win big. You deposit big amounts.

Identify what type of player you are and then go for the bonuses that best fit your style!

2) Learn to pick the promotion that best suits your style of play. 

Uptown's 100% WEEKLY MATCH + 75 Spins


Every week Uptown Aces offers a 100% or higher bonus together with a high number of spins. This bonus is recommended for all player types. You get high upfront amount for your deposit, along with the earnings of the spins. No max cash out – so no limit to potential profits.

Uptown's 70% EASYWIN Match with 17x roll over ONLY! 


This bonus has comparatively lower playthrough than other bonuses. Recommended for Casual to Serious players looking to easily meet the playthrough requirements after a win.

Uptown's UNLIMITED Bonus


Get a 75% Reload on unlimited number of deposits. Recommended for Entertainment Value and Casual players.

Uptown's 225% DAILY Match Bonus + 50 Spins

Code: Varies on a monthly basis

The daily bonus is tailored for all types of players. Depending on your deposit amount, you get a progressively higher percentage plus some extra spins. Entertainment Value players can enjoy a starting 75% reload while Serious players can get up to 225% on a $300+ deposit. As always, NO max cash out!

Uptown's 25%  Instant CASHBACK

No Code: request via Support

This is perfect for players that want to cash out as soon as they win. Recommended for Serious and Professional players. If you don’t win with your deposit, receive 25% back with only 10x playthrough.

Uptown's 50% Jackpot Bonus for aProgressive Jackpots and Casino Games


Like Table Games, Video Poker and Progressive Jackpots? Then this is your bonus. Recommended for Casual to Serious players.