Black Panther is the first Marvel film to be nominated for Best Film category, and also the first superhero film ever to be taken into consideration for the big award of the night. As a category of films generally filled with blockbusters and huge revenues (but usually not doing so good at the Oscars), this has caught the attention of the media and fans around the globe.


How Many Nominations has Marvel Received Before?

The Marvel Universe never won a single Oscar until Sunday! With a total of 17 nominations (7 of which are from Black Panther). Actually, the Marvel Studios films had only been nominated for the Best Visual Effects category before, since their 2008 debut “Iron Man”.

This time things have changed!

Black Panther had 7 nominations at the 91st Academy Awards to be presented on February 24th at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles and won for  Best Original Song, Best Costume Design and Best Sound Editing

The film also won its share of accolades, notably with two recent wins at the 61st Grammy Awards. Kendrick Lamar won Best Rap Performance award with the theme song “King’s Dead”, and Ludwig Göransson won Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media award.

Cultural Impact

Black Panther is a film that put black women and men as the main characters of the story for the first time in their catalog of films. Set in a society of advanced intelligence and a prosperous way of life, it tells the story of T’Challa, taking his place as heir to the throne of Wakanda. For some viewers and critics, this is also a celebration of black culture and, more than a movie, it has been considered a phenomenon.