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We know there are huge Alien film series fans out there that also happen to be Uptown Aces casino players. If you think about it, they go hand in hand: a futuristic, sci-fi vibe that make the movies as well as the casino games, both exciting and enticing. The broad spectrum of slot machine games to choose from when you play at this fantastic online casino includes popular spaced-themed tiles like Nova 7s and Outta this world.

It comes as no surprise that Ripley Scott’s latest film, Alien: Covenant, sixth installment overall of the huge horror franchise and the second part of the Alien prequel series, has already caused a massive impact and a positive one, unlike its predecessor Prometheus, which was a major disappointment for fans and movie-goers all together.

Covenant is full of spine-chilling suspense and excitement. Expect so see acid-dripping Xenomorph aliens all over the place as well as breathtaking shots, incredible photography and spectacular special effects, similar to those you’ll find when spinning your favorite Uptown Aces reels.

What’s best, you can expect a whole more from Scott who just recently confirmed that Alien: Covenant is only the first of three more films before linking up with the original Alien. That’s what we call otherworldly excitement!