Uptown Aces $100 Free Monthly Ticket

The leaves are getting ready to change color, which means your wardrobe is also about to change and you’re going to slip into something a little (or a lot) more comfortable! Say goodbye to summer in the most elegant Uptown style when you deposit as little as $25!

The conclusion of summer doesn’t mean it’s time to end your slots action, it means it’s time to kick it up a notch as we head to the last part of the year! First you’ll be enjoying a 1st 150% Match, continue on to a 200% Bonus and welcome a new season of wins with a $100 Free Chip!

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Deposit offers require a $25 minimum deposit and they hold 30x slots or keno playthrough and no max cashout. $100 Free Chip holds 40x roll over on slots or keno and $500 max cashout. Promotions must be redeemed in order! Valid until September 30th!

Uptown Aces $100 Monthly Free Ticket

Uptown Aces Free Bonus

Summer is surely here! August is the perfect month to hit the pool, make it to the lake, enjoy some fun beach time or head to Uptown’s most exclusive rooftop where you’ll find two summertime bonuses + a $100 Free Chip!

Kick back and enjoy the hot weather, barbecues and great summer fun this August Uptown– and while you’re here you’re also invited to collect a 150% Match, continue on to a 200% Bonus and enjoy a $100 Free Chip when you deposit as little as $25!

Uptown does summer like no other place around with your chance to enjoy huge summertime wins!

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Deposit offers require a $25 minimum deposit and they hold 30x slots or keno playthrough and no max cashout. $100 Free Chip holds 40x roll over on slots or keno and $500 max cashout. Promotions must be redeemed in order! Valid until August 31st.

Uptown Aces Free Bonus

Uptown Aces Blog

Princess Diana lived serenely with her Amazon tribe on the hidden island of Themyscira for many thousands of years when suddenly comes into action an American spy that leads her into World War I where she ultimately uses her superpowers to save the earth from evil. That’s the premise of the New Wonder Woman Film – and movie that pays tribute to tough super women, women that resemble classic female figures that appear in some of the most popular Uptown Aces online slots like Cleopatra’s Gold and Mayan Queen.

Wonder Woman is actually the fourth movie in to the DC Comics Extended Universe: Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad. However, actress Gal Gadot’s interpretation of Diana takes the series to a whole new level with an exciting performance with an almost entirely unpredictable story.

The film intelligently combines elements and makes the 2 hours and 21minutes fun and interesting.  The first part is reminiscent to the classic 80’s Superman and pays tribute to the superhero in one scene where Diana visits a department store in London and as she tries to exit, while carrying the God-killer sword and her shield, she gets stuck as she has never used revolving doors. Of course, this is evocative to the scene where classic Clark Kent and Lois Lane are at the Daily Planet and Clark also has a hard time getting out of the revolving door.

Continue spinning the reels of our action themed online slots as we wait for more excitement from DC Comics’ next film to come out later this year – a movie where we’ll spend time with the world’s greatest superheroes: “Justice League”! 

Uptown Aces Blog

Uptown Aces Blog

We know there are huge Alien film series fans out there that also happen to be Uptown Aces casino players. If you think about it, they go hand in hand: a futuristic, sci-fi vibe that make the movies as well as the casino games, both exciting and enticing. The broad spectrum of slot machine games to choose from when you play at this fantastic online casino includes popular spaced-themed tiles like Nova 7s and Outta this world.

It comes as no surprise that Ripley Scott’s latest film, Alien: Covenant, sixth installment overall of the huge horror franchise and the second part of the Alien prequel series, has already caused a massive impact and a positive one, unlike its predecessor Prometheus, which was a major disappointment for fans and movie-goers all together.

Covenant is full of spine-chilling suspense and excitement. Expect so see acid-dripping Xenomorph aliens all over the place as well as breathtaking shots, incredible photography and spectacular special effects, similar to those you’ll find when spinning your favorite Uptown Aces reels.

What’s best, you can expect a whole more from Scott who just recently confirmed that Alien: Covenant is only the first of three more films before linking up with the original Alien. That’s what we call otherworldly excitement! 

Uptown Aces Free Spins Bonus

If there's anywhere in the world where you can experience glamour in excess, the cream of the crop when it comes to bonuses and free spins; it's Uptown!

Mid-April is that time of the year where you’re exactly in the right place, at the right time and a $30 deposit gets you a 1st 100% Bonus + 50 Regal Riches Spins, a 2nd 150% Match + 100 High Fashion Spins and a cherry on top of 200 Cleopatra’s Gold Spins!

Ultra exclusive bonuses and free spins are up for grabs until the end of the month – time to visit the Uptown most in-demand reels!

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Deposit bonuses require a $30 minimum deposit and they hold 30x slots, keno or scratch cards playthrough and no max cashout. FREE200LUXURY coupon winnings hold $500 max cashout. Promo codes must be redeemed in order. Offers expire on April 30th.

Uptown Aces Free Spins Bonus