This month, Spider-Man: Far From Home became Sony’s biggest grossing movie of all time at $1.1 billion, and is also one of the biggest box office films of the year. Disney/Marvel Studios, who hold the rights to comic book characters featured in the highly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), have enjoyed a healthy relationship with Sony, who own the on-screen rights to Spider-Man specifically - until now.

Spider-Man is now set to exit the MCU after Disney and Sony failed to reach an agreement to extend their four-year deal where Sony financed and distributed the films. This was carefully done on purpose, as Sony owns the on-screen rights to the franchise and must commit to make a Spider-Man film every few years or the rights revert to Disney.

There are still at least two Spider-Man films planned to be filmed and released with actor Tom Holland starring as the friendly neighborhood, but he won’t be interacting with the likes of Nick Fury, Black Widow, Thor or Black Panther anymore. He will now go separate ways from the Avengers to fight against crime by himself in what Holland considers to be “something very special…very different” for Spider-Man’s future. 

The breakup between both Sony and Disney came after the latter demanded a 50% of the next films’ profit, a contract which Sony refused to accept. However, even with Spider-Man leaving the MCU, Disney will still take 100% of all the character’s merchandise profit!

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