Many cities around the world, especially in Europe, are working towards green and car-free inner cities that go beyond just having pedestrian or bicycle lanes. Parts of Copenhagen and Barcelona are already dedicating parts of their cities to zones without traffic at all. Citizens from these cities have fought for greener environments and safer areas for children and senior citizens by adopting other forms of transportation like velomobiles, bicycles, and skates.

In many parts of the world, inner cities are being radically transformed. For example, Berlin is looking for ways to prevent cars from accessing parts where the majority of people no longer use a car, but have to sacrifice their space to streets full of cars just passing by. One way this is done is by transforming unused shopping centers into apartment buildings with shops in it, so people don’t even have to leave it to get what they need.

Paris is also working on cutting traffic by planting more trees around the center of the city in an effort to cut traffic significantly, while in New York parts of Broadway and near Times Square are already car-free with lots of street cafés.

Moreover, car manufacturers are also developing self-driving shuttles that hope to cut inner city traffic and provide mobility to millions of users.

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Inner City

In today’s increasingly and interconnected world we are closer than ever to people around the world, and our proficiency in other languages is a vital skill that gives you the opportunity to succeed in the global economy as well as keeping your brain active. Here are some of the main benefits of learning a foreign language:

  • Strengthen decision making: Research shows that decisions made in your second language are more reason-driven than those made in your native language as we distance ourselves from the emotional responses and biases associated with our culture and language.
  • Work out your brain: People who speak more than one language will improve their memory, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Furthermore, as we age, learning a new language helps stave off mental aging and cognitive decline.
  • Visit the world: While monolinguals are able to visit the same places as bilinguals or multilingual people, those who speak the language of that country will be able to navigate more efficiently and connect with its people in a more convenient way.
  • Advance in your career: In today’s market, having more than one language is a significant competitive advantage as it is among the top eight skills required in all occupations. In the last decade, the number of job postings requesting bilingual professionals has more than doubled in the US.

Remember, it is never too late to learn a new skill. Especially with the many apps that can help you learn on the go!

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Learning a new language

Analysts from Ericsson ConsumerLab have already identified the impact that 5G technology is having on the way smartphones are used thanks to its advanced mobile connectivity. Basing their research consumer sentiment and perception in 26 markets around the world, the report mentioned that there are at least 300 million smartphone users that will take up 5G in 2021 on their new devices.

A few ways that 5G is already triggering new use behaviors include a reduction of Wi-Fi use among owners, a 2-hour increase on cloud gaming and one hour more on augmented reality (AR) apps per week compared to 4G users. This is because when 4G technology was introduced, its peak network data rates ranged from 42 megabits per second to 1 gigabit per second. 5G builds upon that to offer a peak data rate of up to 20Gbps and an average user experience of 100Mbps, compared to the 10Mbps in 4G.

5G also enables the use of artificial intelligence (AI) apps and devices more efficiently thanks to its low-latency connectivity which is essential for tasks such as autonomous driving, industrial automation.

Also, 5G mobile networks are able to connect millions of devices per square mile, allowing for the development of more smart cities applications that will be essential in the future.

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50 years after his debut on the big screen with “Hercules in New York”, Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to star in his first television starring role in a new spy series for Netflix. Even though the show is still in early development and there is no official title yet, the ‘Austrian Oak’ will play the role of a father that, along with his daughter, have been working secretly as CIA operatives for years.

The show is developed by Skydance Productions, who have worked with Schwarzenegger before on the recent Terminator films. Skydance has also produced other Netflix shows such as ‘Grace & Frankie’ and ‘Altered Carbon’. The show also features Monica Barbaro, known for her role as Anna Valdez on “Chicago P.D.”, who will star as the daughter in the story.

The production promises to be an action-packed show with some humor, where Schwarzenegger and Barbaro roles learn that they’ve each been working as CIA Operatives for years and realize that their entire relationship has been a lie. Because of this, they are then forced to team up as partners.

Netflix has ordered an 8-episode first season for the show, and while there is no confirmed date for its release there is a growing hype and expectation around it. Is Schwarzeneggerr really back?

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