Galaxies are one of the universe’s biggest observable systems. Big galaxies like our own Milky Way have all its stars move around supermassive black holes at their center, and are used to “eating up” smaller galaxies in their path. But just as the bigger fish eats the smaller ones, we are at the mercy of the gigantic Andromeda Galaxy, which is on a course to merge with the Milky Way in around 4.5 billion years from now.

Binge-Eating Galaxy

Andromeda has a bigger and more complex stellar halo than our galaxy, and has cannibalized multiple galaxies in “binge-eating” frenzies at least twice in the last 10 billion years. This monstrous neighbor will eventually swallow up our home galaxy too, and right now scientists are finding out how this will happen.

How can we see this?

Even though the Andromeda Galaxy is 2,537 million light years away from Earth, scientists can observe its phenomena by using five different telescopes. Researchers have also been able to recreate Andromeda’s history by analyzing Andromeda’s dense group of stars.

No need to panic

While the idea of seeing our galaxy absorbed by the Andromeda Galaxy seems terrifying enough, humanity will first have to deal with the Sun expanding and swallowing each planet in our Solar System at a time. So for the moment just sit back, and relax and enjoy the title things in life.

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Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish climate activist who has become an internet phenomenon all around the world this year, has spread a message of urgency in regards to fighting climate change. Thunberg first became known for her activism at age 15 in 2018, and now is addressing the elites at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Her message is simple: “I want you to act as if our house is on fire”. Early action is key to prevent the fire from spreading through all the house - not planning results in a decade or more. Easy - preventing climate change through mitigation is cheaper and more efficient than having to adapt to a changed climate.

Thunberg’s speech has inspired a number of school-aged peers, who have acknowledged the need to focus on climate change, as well as wealthy philanthropists and investors who have already donated almost half a million pounds to support her message throughout the world.

Right now, are experiencing a major revolution - a lifestyle revolution from the youth that embrace changing the way we live. Reducing our own carbon footprint by giving up air travel or by not eating meat are just some of the suggested solutions, as well as transitioning away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy - spending whatever is necessary along the way.

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Would you like to live on the Moon?

NASA recently sent nine aquanauts to live underwater inside a tiny capsule for nine days to simulate what life might be like inside of a Moon base. This is part of a plan for NASA to train astronauts, engineers and scientists to live in a submarine for even weeks at a time in order to reach the Moon once again in the next couple of years. The NEEMO mission takes place at the Aquarius Reef Base in Florida, 62 feet below surface.

What must humans do to achieve outer space living?

Living in space is not the same as living on Earth, and even our bodies change as days pass. With human colonization of space slowly becomes a reality, what does a human being have to overcome in order to achieve it?

Besides experiencing what astronauts call “space sickness”, which includes nausea, headaches and confusion, humans have to deal with degeneration of bones and other health issues which need to be taken care of with proper exercise and nutrition in space.

Will it mess with our heads?

Scientists are also studying the psychological effects in crew members in a high-stress environment, isolated from the rest of the world in a confined space. Physical exhaustion and technical difficulties are aspects that also need to be addressed during training and testing stages of the mission.

Calling all superhumans to test this outer space living mission! Do you think you could be up for it?

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