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New Slot Great Golden Lion

Uptown Aces is proud to introduce our new pokie game: Great Golden Lion. This 5x3 grid slot with 243 Ways to Win is an Asian-themed pokie that will captivate you with its incredible bonus features and endless entertainment.

A striking aspect of the Great Golden Lion is its array of four local jackpots, each linked to a revered Fu God from Chinese folklore. When luck is on your side, these jackpots could make you the hero of the day, bringing home significant rewards to savor.

Here's a glimpse of what Great Golden Lion has in store:

Wilds: Lucky Chinese charm symbols take the role of wilds, substituting for all symbols except the coin symbols.

Coins: These come in various colors, with each pot accumulating coins during gameplay. Golden Coins, when they appear, transform into blue, red, or green coins. These coins unlock a world of exciting features.

Red Mystery Envelope Feature: Get a surprise multiplier added to your winning combo in this feature.

Jackpot Pick Feature: Land a red Coin in a spin to reveal a coin-filled gameboard. Uncover Fu God symbols for a chance to win Mini, Minor, or Major Jackpots.

Hold and Spin Features: Activated by blue and green Coins, you're awarded three re-spins with expanding gameboards (up to 5x5) and the potential for holding up to 10 Coins on the reels, leading to massive winning possibilities.

Great Golden Lion is an adventure waiting to be experienced with each spin, offering thrilling chances to claim major jackpots. Don't miss your opportunity to engage with the Great Golden Lion - a guaranteed good time and incredible rewards await!

Nightmares Unleashed:  Tokoloshe

Nightmares Unleashed: Tokoloshe

Deep in the heart of South African folklore lies the chilling tale of the Tokoloshe, a malevolent water spirit known to bring chaos and illness to those who are unfortunate enough to cross its path. Uptown Aces is proud to delve into the rich traditions of global folklore and share this eerie legend with you, just in time for Halloween.

Pronounced "to-koh-loh-she," the Tokoloshe is a supernatural entity that has been embedded in Zulu and Xhosa cultures for centuries. It is described as a dwarf-like creature with bulging eyes, sharp, pointed teeth, and a grotesque appearance that is sure to send shivers down your spine. What's more, this mischievous spirit can become invisible by drinking water or swallowing a stone, which allows it to wreak havoc undetected.

To protect themselves from the Tokoloshe's wrath, traditional beliefs prescribe different protective measures. Some people place bricks or other objects under the legs of their beds to keep the creature out of reach, while others seek the aid of a witch doctor for protection.

As Halloween approaches and the veil between our world and the spirit realm grows thin, don't forget to claim our Nightmares Unleash coupons as you join us at Uptown Aces for a chance to win some spooky jackpots. But beware - the Tokoloshe may be lurking just around the corner, ready to pounce on unsuspecting victims.

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Please note, consecutive free bonus redemption is not allowed. 

Nightmares Unleashed: Pisadeira

Nightmares Unleashed: Pisadeira

As the long-awaited Halloween approaches, Uptown Aces is delving deep into the eerie and unsettling tales that have plagued humanity for ages. Among the various supernatural entities that instill fear in our hearts, one particularly stands out - the Brazilian Night Hag, Pisadeira. This wicked entity, whose very name means 'The Foot Stepper,' is a ghastly apparition that emerges from the depths of Brazilian folklore, specifically from the region of Minas Gerais, to bring your darkest fears to life.

The legendary Pisadeira hides in the darkest corners, waiting for the perfect moment to strike at those who dare to rest on their backs, rendering them paralyzed in their own beds. She is often depicted as a wizened crone with gnarled fingers, each ending in a menacing, razor-sharp claw that's sure to send shivers down your spine.

The experience of encountering Pisadeira is nothing short of a nightmare. Those who have lived to tell the tale describe an oppressive weight on their chests, suffocating their every breath and movement. Her clawed appendages, like tendrils of impending doom, slither menacingly over their bodies, causing an icy trail of terror that sends the bravest souls running for cover. It's as though they are ensnared in a malevolent dream turned into a living nightmare.

As the chilling specter of Halloween looms on the horizon, let us embrace the spine-tingling myths from around the world through our Nightmares Unleashed series. And as you journey through these macabre tales, don't forget to take advantage of our exclusive coupon code, specially crafted for this sinister season of the year.

Stay tuned for more spine-tingling stories from different corners of the world, unfolding every Thursday this October!

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Please note, consecutive free bonus redemption is not allowed. 

Three Times the Charms 350 free spins

Three Times the Charm 🍀

Prepare to amp up your winning chances with a dazzling offer: a staggering 350 spins to play on some of our luckiest games!

🌲 Join Paddy's Lucky Forest, and let the mischievous leprechaun guide you to pots of gold hidden in his enchanted woods. This magical slot is your ticket to fortune!

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🌈 Dive into the charm of Ireland with Lucky 6, and hunt for the rainbow's end. Each spin brings you closer to a pot of gold!

Your fortune awaits, so grab those 350 spins and let the luck of the reels be your guide!

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