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2020 seems to be the year for gold. This has not been the year for investing in bond yields, stocks and other sophisticated choices. Now, investors are looking for pots of gold all over the place. Well, look no further! Uptown has got all the gold you’ll ever need hidden in the reels of Paydirt!

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Gold Rush

Weekends in August are going to be hot, hot, hot! But you’ll get to cool off while hunting for some of the most rewarding treasures that have made it Uptown!

Friday and all the way through Sunday will be your chance to dig for wins in the reels of the popular games Plentiful Treasure and Halloween Treasure. You’re invited to play alongside an ancient Chinese god and also to trick or treat for weekend rewards!

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  • August 1st Weekend Game: Halloween Treasure
  • August 2nd Weekend Game:  Plentiful Treasure
  • August 3rd Weekend Game: Halloween Treasure
  • August 4th Weekend Game:  Plentiful Treasure

Weekend Treasure

It was just a couple of years ago since 5G networks began to go live, but research for 6G is quickly pacing up and Samsung is a perfect example of it. The Korean company is preparing to launch 6G two years ahead of the predicted 2030 timeframe, and would offer 50 times higher peak data rates than 5G. Plus,it promises to reduce air latency from 5G’s under 1 millisecond to under 100 microseconds.

Developers state that 6G technology will be needed to enable a truly immersive extended reality, allowing more powerful XR headsets to be released. 6G is also expected to allow holographic displays on future smartphone models, enabling people, objects, and places to be fully replicated digitally on it. It is also expected for AI to take a more significant role on smartphones with the use of 6G networks.

In short, with the coming of 6G networks we may be able to enjoy more powerful VR and XR systems, intelligent robotics at our fingertips, interconnected cities and much more. 6G will be able to deliver a speed of 1 terabyte per second - compared to 5G top of 10 Gigabytes per second!

It is possible to have international standardization of 6G to begin in 2021, with Samsung’s plans for the earliest commercialization to happen as early as 2028. With many of us still getting accustomed to 5G and its features, we may feel 6G and its promise for an even greater technological capability already upon us.


The coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we know it. Staying home is necessary to flatten the curve, but that doesn’t mean we have to forget about all the things we love to do! You can still safely enjoy your time Uptown by grabbing your phone and heading to your backyard, or perhaps your favorite outdoors spot or open space where you can still wear your mask and avoid social interaction!

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Our days and nights might feel very different now, but there are still many things you can do to continue enjoying life and staying home doing your part: such as playing your favorite Uptown game with massive bonuses, free cash and free spins!

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Bonus Distancing