Blackjack, or 21, is perhaps the most popular casino game in the world. Blackjack is a comparing card game between a player and dealer. In other words, you compete against the dealer but not against each other. The most common type of blackjack game is played with one deck of 52 cards, but there are variations that use more than up to eight decks, however gameplay is the same in all variants.

The game begins with you being dealt two cards. Depending on the total sum value of those cards, you’re able to ask the dealer to hit you with another card. If you feel secure enough, he can stand and receive no more cards, double down their initial bet or split their hand into two. The dealer will then get his own cards, and after this the values are compared. Cards marked 2-10 represent that value while Jacks, Kings and Queens valued at 10 and Aces can hold a value of either 1 or 11 depending on the total result, the one that gives you the best chance of winning.

To win at Blackjack, the cards need to have a total sum value of 21. That being said, you don’t need a Blackjack to win: you simply need to get the highest possible value to 21 while beating the dealer!