Caribbean Draw Poker is a fun casino game that combines elements of Blackjack and Poker to create an exciting table game.

This version of draw poker is a five-card game played against the dealer. You place an ante or initial bet, receive a hand, and decide whether you would like to wager against the dealer's hand. The game also incorporates the attractive progressive jackpot concept. One of the dealer's cards is dealt face up so your choice has to be made on the card showing and on how strong your five-card poker hand. If you fold at this point, you forfeit your ante. If you decide to bet against the dealer, you are given the chance to trade two of your cards when you raise. After this, the dealer is also able to exchange two cards.

To win at Caribbean Draw Poker, you must not only beat the dealers’ hand but also the dealer must qualify by having a pair of 8's or better. If they don’t qualify, there are several possible outcomes. Moreover, depending on the rank of your hand, you’re also entitled to win the Progressive Jackpot if you make the extra bet on it. 

Caribbean Draw Poker