European Blackjack is a distinctive Blackjack variation. This casino game is known as the game from which Blackjack changed to its current form in the United States and all over the world. 

This popular table game is very much like the regular Blackjack game, except that there are several basic rule differences.  In regular Blackjack, the dealer is dealt 2 cards (one card face down or hole card, and the other, face up). Here, the dealer is allowed to peek at the hole card to check if a Blackjack is possible. Granted, if the face up card is an Ace, the dealer immediately checks the hole card without any other player being able to see the card. If the hole card helps the dealer have a Blackjack, the hand will end and the dealer will then collects all players’ bets.

On the other hand, in European Blackjack, there is no hole card. The dealer is dealt one card face up, and will only receive a second card after the player’s hands are complete, which makes it impossible for the dealer to check for Blackjack before the player completes their hand.

European Blackjack