Pontoon is considered one of the games from which original Blackjack evolved. This fun variant of regular Blackjack comes with a few differences, especially when we take into account some of the most basic rules. 

The best hand in this card game, unlike in classic Blackjack, is called a Pontoon. The basic card values are the same as a regular game of Blackjack, but there are some differences such as the dealer’s cards are dealt face down and he will peek for Pontoon once his cards are dealt.

Other differences include that the dealer’s move is made only after you have completed your hand. You can double down or split, only to be beaten by a higher hand or Pontoon by on the dealer’s hand. In this Blackjack variant, you lose on a tied hand. Whenever splitting Aces, you get a 2-card hand valued at 21 and it will also be considered a Pontoon. In other games, this hand has a value of 21 but is not considered a Pontoon.