It hardly ever gets as fun and as rewarding as when you’re playing a video poker game such as Deuces Wild. This popular video poker variation is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and there are many chances of winning with the deuces (2s) acting as wilds.

Deuces Wild is the perfect online video poker variant for players looking to combine strategy with a bit of luck. The wild deuces can and will substitute any other card on the deck to create a winning hand. This actually means that Deuces Wild is much more simpler than other variants such as Aces & Eights or Jacks or Better. However, you also want to take into account that they paytable is considerably tighter.

Deuces Wild video poker is incredibly easy and simple to understand and play. It actually plays much like other video poker variants where a bet is placed at the beginning of a hand and you and the rest of the players are dealt five cards. Bettors are able to hold all their cards or discard them in order to get new cards.

The lowest payout when playing Deuces Wild is the three of a kind, followed by a flush or straight. The top two payouts to look out for are the natural royal flush and four deuces combination.

The strategy for Deuces Wild is about deciding to keep or change the dealt card combinations in hopes of getting the deuces. Since these 2s are the wild in this video poker game, you absolutely want to hang on to them. Moreover, you also want to keep any three cards that can help you create big winning hands like a flush, a straight or a royal flush since after the second deal, the replacement cards might just be the ones that help you create your winning hand.

Deuces Wild Video Poker