Joker Poker, otherwise known as Joker Wild, is a Jacks or Better video poker game. Even while you may think that Joker Poker is a video poker variant much like any other you’ve played before, this game holds a huge difference: the Joker acts as a wild. What this means is that you can go ahead and use the Joker to replace any other card on the deck to create a winning hand. 

Another interesting difference in Joker Poker is that you’ll be playing with a deck of 53 cards instead of the standard 52 cards that most online video poker games require, since the Joker is also present. 

 The basis of this online video poker game is pretty familiar, but with the twist that the Joker brings by helping you create huge winning combinations. In Joker Poker you are dealt five cards and your main goal is to keep all best cards in order to complete the best paying winning hand and discard all cards that don’t work in your favor. 

After the first deal, you are able to scan your cards and decide if you have any winning combinations. If you have a natural royal flush (which can occur only after this first deal of the cards), you can claim the highest payout. If you’re not dealt a natural royal flush, you can choose the cards you want the dealer to substitute. Your strategy here is to only let go of the cards that you feel will not help you create a winning combination whatsoever.

Joker Poker Video Poker