Dr. Winmore welcomes you to his mad scientist lab, where he tirelessly works with his lab assistant robots to find the elixir of luck and the potion of wealth. Although rumor has it he's already found the right concoction. Robots are special symbols which appear randomly to clear off lab equipment in specific patterns likely to cause cascading wins accompanied by multipliers which increase up to x6.

Enter the laboratory of Dr. Winmore to see the creation of impressive payouts with these special features:

  • Cascading Wins:  Winning symbols will disappear after a spin and new symbols will fall in their position. New winning combinations can continue indefinitely, each new winning combination with a higher multiplier added. 
  • Multiplier: As new symbols drop where previous winning symbols stood, each new round of dropping symbols adds a multiplier value to the new payout. See the multiplier go from 2x up to 6x for each new win. The multiplier remains at 6x for every subsequent win after the 6th consecutive payout.
  • Wild Symbol: Look for Dr. Winmore, he will substitute for all icons except the robots.
  • Robots: Four different kinds of robots will clear adjacent symbols in various patters. See an entire row, column, or both row & column, of symbols disappear to make room for new possible winning combinations!

If you are looking for a formula to win, then Dr. Winsmore is likely to deliver the most impressive payouts you’ve seen in 2020.

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A New Generation of Slots

We are all familiar with how to win while playing a slot machine. Align identical symbols on a pay-line and you expect to receive a payout. For decades this has been the traditional way but this has changed thanks to All Ways Pays (AWP) slots!

Online slot technology has developed a new type of slot with no pay-lines at all and it couldn’t get any simpler. All you have to do is land identical symbols from left to right on the reels. It doesn’t matter where they appear on each reel. Some All Ways Pays slots also pay for same symbols running the opposite way, from right to left!

There are clear advantages with this type of slots. First, as opposed to traditional slots with pay-lines, you don’t pay for each individual pay-line. Your total bet covers all possible pay-out combinations. Secondly, it becomes much easier to keep track of winning combinations as they arise. With some video slots having up to 50 pay-lines, it is hard to memorize all possible combinations. With All Ways Pays, just keep looking for those identical symbols from left to right as they emerge.

The number of winning combinations is quite large for this new type of slots. For a 5-reel video slot with 3 visible symbols per each reel, will have a total of 243 different ways of paying out. The 6-reel All Ways Pays slots have a total of 729 payout combinations. And the 5-reel video slots with 4 visible symbols on each reel have 1024 different payout combinations!

Uptown Aces has now several All Ways Pays slots machines:

AWP Slot Winning Combinations
Asgard 243
Eternal Love 243
Halloween Treasure 243
The Mariachi 5 243
Pig Winner 243
Plentiful Treasures 243
Samba Sunset 243
Stardust 243
Sweet 16 243
Scuba Fishing 729
Super 6 729
Ritchie Valens La Bamba 729
The Big Bopper 729
Fucanglong 1024
Panda Magic 1024
The Nice List 1024
Mermaid Pearls 3125

Most of us can list three or four people that make it difficult for us to keep our composure throughout the day, plus all the anonymous despicable people who cut us off in traffic, in lines, in stores, and pretty much everywhere we go.

It’s important to identify those who leave you feeling demeaned, de-energized and disrespected on a regular basis, because everyone - including we - under the wrong conditions can be temporary assholes.

Here are some strategies to help you cope with abusive behavior from people in your environment:

  • Don’t take it personally: People might have their reasons to be who they are, and none of it has to do with you!
  • Decide that you’re going to find the asshole hilarious: This one it’s best to keep you for yourself— but this can help you reduce the stress!
  • Create physical or emotional distance between yourself and the rude person. For example, sit as far away from them as possible or mute/block them if it’s on social media.
  • Be nice to the asshole: Be as pleasant and composed as possible. Don’t react to or otherwise you’ll encourage their behavior.

Sometimes it’s fairly easy to get rid of a rude person. First, consider how much power you have over them - sometimes it’s easy to remove a rude person from a situation. If you don’t have a lot of power there, look for outlets to talk about it (some people might be relieved that they’re not the only one who’s noticed it, and together you might be able to find a solution to it!)

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Nasa researchers are working on creating bricks from yard waste, wood chips and a fungi colony called mycelium to build lunar bases and Mars outposts in the future! This mass of nutrient-absorbing, widely branching underground threads that make up much of a fungus’s bulk might be key to grow habitats without having to carry expensive and heavy building materials on our backs.

Scientists plan to ship dormant fungus to a Moon base and there provide it with the right conditions to trigger growth. Once these mycelium colonies grow into the shape of a structure, it could be heat-treated to kill it and turn it into a compact brick.

Moon and Martian habitats will consist of three layers: the top will consist of water ice that can be sourced locally, that would shield human residents from harmful radiation. The middle layer will contain tiny photosynthesizing microbes called cyanobacteria that produce oxygen for humans and nutrients for the fungal mycelia.

The third layer will provide the main structure of the habitat and is made out of the mycelium bricks that would also be used to filter water and extract minerals from their sewage. Moreover, these bricks have a higher bend strength than reinforced concrete and a higher compression strength than lumber.

At the same time, researchers around the world are also investigating the potential of 3D printing to construct habitats in our future space colonies! Only time will tell if our generation will be able to have dinner inside a Martian crater.

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For the first time in their history, Boeing sent out a tripulated rocket called ‘Starliner’ on Dec 20, 2019 as part of a big test to be the first American company to take astronauts into space for more than 10 years. The spacecraft launched from Cape Canaveral at Kennedy Space Center headed for the International Space Station (ISS).

The Starliner launched unmanned, and inside was an anthropometric test device - a dummy with more than a dozen sensors to measure the astronaut’s full face. The mission was set out to dock the rocket with the space station on Dec 21, but it didn’t achieve its intended orbit after launching, making it impossible to complete its mission.

NASA gave Boeing nearly $5 billion to develop Starliner, which was built to carry as many as five astronauts. This was intended to be one of the final tests before the spacecraft flied actual people, but the company still expects it will still be able to test many of the Starliner’s system while the capsule is in space, and being able to bring it back to Earth.

The failure of this mission is the second setback that Boeing has suffered in 2019, after two fatal crashes of its 737 Max commercial airplanes killed 346 people - resulting in millions of dollars in losses and the suspension of production of its bestselling aircraft for the next months. This also means a blow for NASA’s intensions to send back astronauts to the space stations.

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