This is Uptown Aces writer from Down Under and it’s time for me to go even further south! That’s because we're reviewing today our very special new slot: Penguin Palooza.

This is a brand-new 25-line video slot with plenty of features our players love at Uptown slots. The protagonists in this game are 5 adorable penguins that will be hopping up and down in joy as they see monumental jackpots literally burst on your screen.

Our new slot has a 50,000 times bet per line top award, so colossal profits can be achieved with this ice-cool slot!

Penguin Palooza main features:

Scatters: The Igloo is a scatter and when 3 appear anywhere on the gameboard, the Free Games feature will be triggered!

Locking Scatters: The Baby Emperor Penguin is a special kind of scatter. When at least 2 of these locking scatters appear consecutively leftmost to right, they will lock their reels and trigger a re-spin for the other reels. If more locking scatters appear consecutively on the re-spins, these will trigger more re-spins!

Free Games: Earn 10 Free Games with a random multiplier between 2x and 5x awarded on every Free Game. 10 Extra Free Games can be retriggered if 3 or more Igloo scatters appear during a Free Game.

Extravagant payouts can be experienced with our new Penguin Palooza, live and available now at Uptown Aces!

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In hopes of capturing lost revenue, Netflix has recently announced that it will do the unthinkable (for many) and cracked down on password sharing. Soon, the days when you could share your Netflix account with all your siblings and closest friends will be a memory of the past.

The world’s pioneer video streamer has started to make life a little more difficult for password-sharers who don’t live in the physical household of the main account holder. The new initiative will first affect three countries outside the United States, which include Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

The not-so-bad situation is that Netflix doesn’t plan to simply halt those shared accounts. In its place, the company will set an extra fee for those accounts being used by multiple people outside of the same household. The price varies from country to country but averages at around $2.99 for every sub-account.

Netflix’s plan to capture its lost revenue is set to start with an alert sent to account holders whose passwords are being used by folks in different households.

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Blue Origin, the American privately funded aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight services company, has successfully launched its fourth space tourism mission, adding yet another accomplishment to Jeff Bezos' rocket enterprise.

The lucky six passengers, including a Blue Origin engineer and five regular customers, boarded the New Shepard capsule at the company's West Texas launch facilities. Fueled by a 60-foot-tall rocket, the passengers flew to more than three times the speed of sound, in other words more than 2,000 miles per hour. The capsule curved past the Kármán Line at 62 miles altitude, which is known as the altitude at which outer space begins. The new space travelers experienced several minutes of weightlessness and were able to look out their window for those emblematic Earth sightings.

Would you like to be a passenger on Blue Origin’s next flight? While there’s no public record of how much folks have paid for their seats, Blue Origin has previously auctioned off a ticket for a whopping $28 million. If that sounds like a little too much for you, Virgin Galactic, another spaceflight services company, is currently selling seats for $450,000.

Perhaps there will come a time when most humans will be able to afford a trip to space. For now, we must sit tight and wait for space tourism to continue moving forward and hopefully become more middle-of-the-road.

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According to personnel at Microsoft, its researchers have recently new evidence of an unusual phenomenon that’s pivotal to its plans to build general-purpose quantum computers.

The marvel, known as a Majorana zero mode, is likely to ease the path for topological quantum computing, otherwise known as the technological approach that’s preferred by Microsoft’s Azure Quantum program.

But what is quantum computing? In comparison with the straightforward one-or-zero world of traditional computing, quantum computing manipulates quantum bits or qubits, that can represent ones and zeroes at the same time until the results are readout.

According to scientists, the quantum approach can solve certain types of issues that have been a headache for ages, such as network optimization or simulations of molecular interactions. Also, the creation of hardware and software for “full-stack” quantum computing systems can take on a far wider range of applications and this is where the Majorana zero modes come into play.

The sole existence of the Majorana phenomenon proves that humans are closer to the creation of topological qubits and assembling a quantum computer. Even though there’s still work to be done, Microsoft’s scientists have full confidence that they are on the right path towards developing a quantum machine that will allow computation on a whole new level that’s closer to the way nature works.

Isn’t science fascinating?

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What does the Buddha, football and ants have in common? They are all going to bring you good fortune this month! Get ready to spin the reels of three exciting video slots: Fortunate Buddha, Football Fortunes and Small Fortunes!

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