City Model 3D Print

New research has shown how future cities could be 3D printed by using concrete made with recycled glass that can be shaped into different forms which will result in lower costs, time to build and less impact to the environment. By using recycled glass as a component of concrete for 3D printing, instead of natural sand, as glass itself is made from sand, there is no need to extract more to build cities.

Because only a quarter of the glass that is thrown away from households is recycled (and more than half ending up in landfills), these new concrete products will help ensure glass is actually being recycled. By using this new concrete to print wall elements and building blocks, whole buildings can be constructed with superior properties than that containing natural sand.

By using 3D printing technology, engineers can develop innovative types of structures from a computer and have them constructed in a matter of minutes. Moreover, these printers can operate for 24 hours a day and decrease the amount of waste produced while also increasing the safety of construction workers.

Imagine having whole buildings made with the bottles you take out every week outside your house and see with your own eyes the impact your deeds have on others - it shows you are putting your “grain of glass” towards sustainable construction. How futuristic!

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