With 2021 in full gear, we are starting to see how technology is adapting to our “new normal” as we reexamine the way we live and work in a post-pandemic world. We expect to see an increase in AI demand as well as other technologies such as contactless deliveries and improving remote working tools. These are some of the biggest tech trends that will develop this year:

Remote Working: Many new ventures are emerging to make remote work more efficient. Upcoming state-of-the-art videoconferencing systems such as Bluescape or Tandem will enable teams to create and share content and interact in a more dynamic fashion.

AI: With every coming year, artificial intelligence gets more powerful. In 2021 we will see an increase of AI across markets and industries. Machine learning will be integrated into multiple businesses and make manufacturing processes even faster.

Contactless Deliveries: No-contact delivery is becoming more popular after last year with startups around the world starting to implement autonomous vehicles to help fulfill grocery orders to customers without requiring a real person to deliver them.

Autonomous Driving: Companies like Honda, Ford and Tesla will start mass-producing autonomous driving technology during 2021. These cars will not require any driver intervention under certain conditions. Some examples include lane centering, automatic lane changes and even the ability to recognize speed signs and detect green lights.

As 2021 continues to move forward, we will surely see more and more advances in technology. How exciting is that?

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