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Much in the style of Star Wars, US holograms firm Portl has made it possible for people to join conferences as life-size 3D holograms in 4K resolution. With the coronavirus pandemic, global travel has been greatly reduced, and has allowed communication companies improve and innovate their businesses at a faster pace.

Portl uses an eight feet glass-fronted box as a “portal” to booth a life-size hologram of a person who may well be on the other side of the world with just a camera, a plain backdrop, and a microphone. The portals also have built-in speakers and cameras so that the user of the hologram can see and hear what people in front of them are saying.

David Nussbaum, Portl’s CEO, believes it’s a real possibility that this technology will become a regular way of communicating between offices; however, right now each portal costs more than $60,000. Other firms such as Microsoft are also creating their own hologram communication technology with a headset called HoloLens 2 which costs around $3,500 per unit: Companies like Japan Airlines are already using the headsets to help train engine mechanics and plane crews.

Are you ready for a hologram call?

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