Quantum Computer

According to personnel at Microsoft, its researchers have recently new evidence of an unusual phenomenon that’s pivotal to its plans to build general-purpose quantum computers.

The marvel, known as a Majorana zero mode, is likely to ease the path for topological quantum computing, otherwise known as the technological approach that’s preferred by Microsoft’s Azure Quantum program.

But what is quantum computing? In comparison with the straightforward one-or-zero world of traditional computing, quantum computing manipulates quantum bits or qubits, that can represent ones and zeroes at the same time until the results are readout.

According to scientists, the quantum approach can solve certain types of issues that have been a headache for ages, such as network optimization or simulations of molecular interactions. Also, the creation of hardware and software for “full-stack” quantum computing systems can take on a far wider range of applications and this is where the Majorana zero modes come into play.

The sole existence of the Majorana phenomenon proves that humans are closer to the creation of topological qubits and assembling a quantum computer. Even though there’s still work to be done, Microsoft’s scientists have full confidence that they are on the right path towards developing a quantum machine that will allow computation on a whole new level that’s closer to the way nature works.

Isn’t science fascinating?

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