On August 28, Elon Musk showed the world a live demo from his company Neuralink that showed his quest to merge human consciousness with AI, which could bring massive technological advances and improve the world of animal testing.

Founded in 2017, Neuralink has been working on trying to make a computer chip that could be implanted in a person's brain. This may sound like a sci-fi plot for many, even more if we talk about Musk’s long term plans of enabling people to do things like "save and replay memories," or summon their car telepathically.

On the demo, the device was embedded in a lab pig’s skull, which was attached using wires with electrodes capable of detecting, recording, and theoretically even stimulating brain activity. This will allow animal researchers that currently use a lot of neural implants on animal test subjects involving wires poking out through the skin, will now have a completely wireless link covered by the skin that reduces the risk of infection.

Although Neuralink might bring many benefits to scientific research, for example by finding new treatments for Parkinson's disease, experts are also wary that this technology could one day be used to enhance human cognition, blending it with AI, or worse.

Therefore, it’s very important to regulate these new advancements in technology, as well as to remind ourselves how to use it for the benefit of our species and the environment - not for the greed and greed of a few.

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