The Largest Rocket Ever Built

 SpaceX has recently put together the biggest rocket ever constructed called “Starship” and its booster unit called “Super Heavy”. The rocket stands roughly 400ft (120m) in height, making it the largest ever built after Apollo's famous Saturn V, and when it eventually lifts off it will produce almost twice the thrust of the first ones that sent people to the Moon.

As of now, the five largest rockets besides the Starship and the Saturn V (used from 1969 to 1973) are the Chinese N1 (1969 to 1972), Nasa’s SLS (which was completed this year) and the Delta IV Heavy (used from 2004 up to this day). Once fully developed, the Starship will be capable of taking humans to the Moon and Mars without any problem, and it could also ferry people quickly around the globe.

There are still months of testing ahead before scheduling its inaugural flight, but SpaceX is already planning on hurling the Starship into space for a trip around the Earth while keeping all detachable segments of the rocket for re-use, through controlled touchdowns on land or sea platforms.

The Starship will also succeed the Falcon Heavy, also a SpaceX rocket, as the most powerful ever built, which produces 23 meganewtons of thrust at launch and is already capable of reaching beyond Mars orbit.

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