We all love shopping and getting new things while our brain releases dopamine - a neurotransmitter that surges when you're considering buying something new. As we anticipate this reward, we feel a rush of excitement every time we’re getting that brand new iPhone or the latest tech gadget. But sometimes we get so consumed with purchasing things online that we forget how great it can also be to physically go into a store.

One of the ways that in-store shopping trumps the online experience is the opportunity of bringing people together and turning buying into a fun social event where two or more people discuss or try out the items they want to get. Moreover, physical shopping promotes exercise and turns it into a more active transaction than just hitting the click button.

You can also avoid those pesky shipping fees that you have to pay to get your item to your front door, and you can immediately discern the quality of an item instead of waiting for it to arrive and then having to return it to get your refund.

This is also healthy for your credit card bills as it prevents you from ordering five different pants with the intention of only keeping one of them. Last but not least, many sales associates work for commission, so by physically going to a store you’re helping someone else make more cash for their work.

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