Online shopping has seen a surge in the last decade, but in 2020 it looks like numbers will rocket even more due to the global pandemic that is preventing thousands of buyers to choose shopping from home for the coming holiday season, instead of going to the mall or visit shops. Here are some tips for this 2020 shopping season:

  • Shop Safely: Make sure to use a familiar website that you know and have experience shopping in. Sites like Amazon have pretty much everything you need, as well as every major retail outlet with an online shop like Target, Best Buy or Home Depot. Also, make sure to create strong passwords and don’t use your credit card to buy anything online from a site that doesn't have SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed (Look for the lock icon in your browser).

  • Shop early: Because of the increase in online shopping this year, make sure to get your shopping done early so you don’t have to deal with any delivery delays. Before the pandemic, 69% of people preferred to make their purchases online, and that number will definitely rise even more.

  • Look for photos when shopping: While shopping has always been a visual and tactile experience, doing it online may be difficult for people used to this. 73% of shoppers declare they need at least more than 3 or 4 images per product to decide a purchase - so be sure to look for products with a few photos of them to make sure you get what you want.

Online Shopping