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The future is certainly here – and if you don’t quite agree with this statement, then it means you’re not up to date with the term “Augmented reality”. AR is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world and provides a composite view. This augmented reality revolution is about to be taken to an even farther level with Apple’s new augmented reality platform (ARKit) that should have online casino gamers feeling more than excited. Let me tell you why!

ARKit allows for developers to build AR apps that integrate digital experiences into the physical world via your iPhone or iPad. Think about what this could mean for the online gaming audience. These apps will be available to users with the arrival of iOS 11 arrives in September. 

By making AR available to millions of iPhone users, Apple is likely to become the number 1 source of augmented reality apps in the world. Thus, by opening its developers’ kit, it will generate millions of potential ideas that will undoubtedly reach the online gaming industry and possibly create experiments with players being able to enjoy their favorite games in an AR environment.

Apple has promised that AR is bound to take users to a whole new parallel universe and turn their iPhone or iPad into “a lens into a virtual world.” Compared to what we have now going on, we can rest assured that the future promises to be more than exciting. 

Uptown Aces iphone online casino