During Sony’s ‘The Future of Gaming’ on June 11, the gaming world got together online to get a glimpse at what this groundbreaking console will bring, including its design, specs and video game line-up. Its launch date is set for the 2020 holidays, but no specific date has been shared yet. It will be released in two different versions: one completely digital and another which is disc-based, for those who enjoy building a physical library.

When it comes to the PS5 features, its new DualSense controller will include haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and a built-in mic, while the console itself holds an AMD Zen 2-based CPU with 8 cores at 3.5GHz, 16GB of GDDR6 memory and a custom RDNA 2 AMD GPU that puts out 10.28 TFLOPs of processing power.

Its design, a curvy mixture of black and white plastics with blue highlight lighting has been received with mixed reviews, but proves to be more than just a console - it can become a part of your home decoration!

Regarding its gaming library, lots of high quality title are already lined up to launch with it, including a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel, a new God of War version, a Demon’s Souls remake, Resident Evil 8 and a new and exciting Spider-Man entry! Additionally, the PS5 will allow for backwards compatibility with almost all PS4 games, allowing gamers to enjoy many of their pending PS4 titles without having to swap consoles!

With more details and news coming up later this year, the PS5 launch has already proven to be one of the most hyped technology releases of the year!

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HBO Max is a new subscription streaming service from WarnerMedia Entertainment which launched back in May 27. Just like their rivals Netflix and Disney+, HBO Max features a huge catalog of hit shows and movies - including the critically acclaimed HBO originals. The service costs $15 and features a free month for those new subscribers.

Viewers are able to enjoy movies from DC, Harry Potter, Studio Ghibli as well as all-time favorite shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Rick and Morty, Doctor Who and Adventure Time. Anime lovers will also be able to stream exclusive Crunchyroll content, including classics like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Death Note, Hunter x Hunter and popular Studio Ghibli films like Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke.

With the introduction of HBO Max, HBO discontinues HBO Go (which was an app for HBO cable Subscribers) and rebrands HBO Now, as the new streaming service as an expanded version of the content offered in the past. HBO Max is currently only available in the United States, and these changes are yet to happen in other countries.

Some of the most awaited HBO Max original shows include superhero titles like DC Super Hero High, Green Lantern and Justice League Dark, while other titles like Dune: Sisterhood and Raised by Wolves will be loved by science-fiction fans. HBO Max plans to release 31 original series in 2020, growing to 50 series in 2021. Maybe it’s time to let go of Netflix for a while? Everything is changing around us, let’s welcome new options our way!

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With the coming of the new decade, new technologies fill our everyday life. The 00’s saw the capabilities of the Internet in full throttle, which changed the way we live and the global economy, while the 2010’s introduced smartphones as an everyday tool for different uses, as well as the birth of an online streaming revolution. 2020’s promise to deliver a broader array of options to millions of people around the world,

While Netflix and Disney+ top the polls, there are numerous other streaming services already online, with even more being added in the coming years. What are some of those new players in the industry?

  • HBO Max: AT&T’s WarnerMedia upcoming streaming service is set to be launched in May 2020 and will include the premium HBO and Warner Bros. series and movies, as well as other AT&T properties like Cartoon Network, CNN, TBS and TNT. The price will be $15 per month.

  • Discovery/BBC: These two entertainment giants are teaming up for a new streaming service that will launch later this year. This service will include BBC series that will leave Netflix once earlier deals expire, as well as natural history and documentaries from Discovery. It will cost around $5 per month.

  • Peacock: Making reference to its parent company NBC’s logo, Peacock just launched on April 15. The service features three pricing tiers ranging from a free subscription, a $5 and a $10 Premium category. It will feature several NBC tv shows as well as other popular Universal Pictures movies and A&E productions.

These streaming services have certainly changed the way we enjoy television and promise to continue giving us some of the most thrilling and original content we have ever seen. Exciting times ahead!

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Right after its publication in 1965, Dune -written by Frank Herbert- was identified as the perfect material for a film adaptation: an epic science fiction tale set in an interstellar society. Producers didn’t lose much time and in 1984, Hollywood legend David Lynch made a successful film adaptation, while in 2000 Sci Fi Channel created a miniseries on the book. The movie is set in the desert planet Arrakis, the only source of ‘the spice’ - a drug which extends human life and makes space travel possible.

This new adaptation will be directed by Denis Villaneuve, known for his critically acclaimed films Arrival (2016) and Blade Runner 2049 (2017), and will feature an ensemble cast including Stellan Skarsgård, Javier Bardem, Zendaya and Jason Momoa. It is scheduled to be released in the United States on December 18, 2020.

As for the soundtrack, Villaneuve has recruited world-renowned composer Hans Zimmer after working together in the making of Blade Runner 2049. Zimmer had previously been approached by Christopher Nolan for composing his upcoming film ‘Tenet’, but Zimmer opted for Dune as he is a personal fan of the books.

Besides the film, there is a spin-off series in the talks for the new WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming service: HBO Max. The series will focus on the Bene Gesserit (key social, religious, and political force in the series) and serve as a prequel to the film.

In a time where reality seems to be stranger than fiction, a movie like Dune promises to take our minds to a different and exciting place all together!

Dune 2020

For some of us, year 2000 seems not to have been too long ago. For others, it’s a time before they were even born! There are movies we remember even decades after they release, becoming modern classics that left a mark in our popular culture. Let’s take a look at some of the best movies from 20 years ago, whether it is to remember them or to learn a little bit more about them:

  • Gladiator: Directed by Ridley Scott, this epic historical drama tells the story of how Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius is betrayed by Commodus and seeks revenge against the murders of his family by becoming a gladiator. The film also stars Joaquin Phoenix and Connie Nielsen.

  • X-Men: It all started with this movie 20 years ago. Superhero movies would change forever after X-Men showed a darker and less absurd comic book adaptation than its predecessors. The film introduced Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and featured popular mutants like Rogue, Cyclops, Professor X and Storm on their fight against Magneto.
  • Cast Away: This survival drama is one of Tom Hanks’ most famous works, which got him a nomination for best actor in a leading role at the Oscars. He plays a FedEx employee stranded on an uninhabited island after his plane crashes and his desperate attempts to survive. The word was introduced to Wilson the Volleyball on this movie.

  • Pollock: This biopic tells the life story of American painter Jackson Pollock, portrayed by Ed Harris - who also directed the film after being inspired by reading Pollock’s biography. The film features a cast including Jennifer Connelly and Marcia Gay Harden (who received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role).

So many great films have reached the 20-year mark. Any other of your favorites are turning the big 2 0 this year?

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