Space has always fascinated humankind, especially since it became possible to send whatever items we want into space like dogs, plants, insects, etc. Basically, if it fits into a spaceship, you’re good to go!

These are some of the nuttiest things that have crossed the atmosphere and sailed into space

  1. Pizza delivery: In 2001, Pizza Hut became the first company to make a delivery to the International Space Station for a salami pizza! They paid around $1 million at the time for this promotional stunt.

  2. Car: SpaceX performed the launch of the Tesla Roadster on 2018 on space while riding atop of the Falcon Heavy Rocket. Both companies are owned by multimillionaire.

  3. Buzz Lightyear: The world’s most famous astronaut toy was sent to infinity and beyond in 2008, where it spent 450 days before returning to its home, Earth.

  4. Voyager’s Golden Records: Inspired by astronomer Carl Sagan, NASA sent out to space two 12-inch golden record in 1970. The idea was to send 115 images in analog form, greetings spoken in 55 languages followed by the "sounds of Earth" and a 90-minute selection of music throughout the ages from around the world, to be picked up along the way by an extraterrestrial intelligent life form

  5. Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber: The original lightsaber used in the 1983 film Star Wars was flown into space and back in 2007, to commemorate the influence of Space in our modern culture and everyday lives.

There are many, many more random items that have traveled to outer space. Given the chance, what would you send beyond the earth’s atmosphere? Something to think about!

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