Reviving popular shows from past decades is a move that new generations are not unfamiliar with. There have been some good ones, and other not-so-good ones; however, there is always a new reboot to look forward to. These are some of the shows that will be revamped this 2022:

-    Frasier (Paramount+): Seventeen years after Frasier went off the air, a reboot is finally in the works, with Kelsey Grammar producing and also reprising arguably his most memorable role thus far - as a psychiatrist who returns to his hometown as a radio show host. Fans can expect the Frasier reboot to premiere in spring 2022.

-    Fraggle Rock (Apple TV+): This popular 80’s musical fantasy show featuring the Muppets went back to air this year on Apple TV+. The series is about interconnected societies of creatures who sing a number of fun and catchy original songs, as well as reprises of songs from the original series.

-    Bel-Air (Peacock): Based on Will Smith’s successful show ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, this 2022 reboot will feature all the same characters from the original one but with entirely different actors in the roles. Jabari Banks will star as Will Smith -  16-year-old from West Philadelphia who is sent to live with his Aunt and Uncle in Bel-Air by his mother.

-    Jodie (Comedy Central): This is both a reboot and a spinoff of the world of Daria, who is in turn a spin-off of Beavis and Butthead, focused on her former Lawndale High classmate “Jodie,” who has just started her first full-time job working at a tech company.

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