Christmas and TV Shows

There are many episodes worth mentioning when it comes to Christmas – or the holiday season – and TV shows. There's something for every taste, from Friends to The Office and even shows like Black Mirror or classics from the 80s. 

A super-funny Christmas episode that will forever reign in everyone’s hearts is Friends’ Christmas episode, where Ross dresses up as the Holiday Armadillo and tries to teach his son, Ben, about their Jewish heritage for Hanukkah.

Classic TV shows such as Cheers and its “Christmas Cheers” episode are perfect for adding to the mix. This episode from season 6 has all the gang together, forced to work on Christmas Eve and exchange gifts, but Sam forgets to get one for Rebecca. 

The magic of Christmas extends to shows you wouldn't suspect would celebrate it. Such is the case of Black Mirror’s "White Christmas.” In this episode from season 2, Jon Hamm tells three stories from a cabin on Christmas Day. The stories are not so “the most wonderful time of the year” like.

Continue your “Best Christmas episode binge-watching” tradition or start a new one this season and even look for ones from shows that perhaps you’ve never seen before. It’s the season to try it all!


Top 3 ‘Classic’ Christmas Movies

Yes, there are a lot of Christmas-themed movies out there. Yes, many of these are considered classics. However, there are a handful of holiday films made in the 80’s and 90’s, which are considered, at least to a Xmas buff like myself, as the absolute best of the best.

Home Alone (Part I and 2): While these are two separate movies made in the early 1990’s, it’s impossible to pick a favorite. Well, maybe slightly, but the point is that these movies are, without a doubt, what is known as the crème de la crème of Christmas movies. Kevin and the rest of the McAllister gang plus the Sticky/Wet Bandits make these films not only super entertaining, but also timeless – considering that they are over 30 years old.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: Another oldie (1989), but goldie. How can you go wrong with Chevy Chase at the helm of a hilarious, clever and relatable holiday film all rolled into one? 

Scrooged: Director Richard Donner knew that a comedic take on the classic Charles Dickens’ story A Christmas Carol (1843) had to be done and none other than Bill Murray could play the part of cynical Frank Cross who is visited by three ghosts of past, present and future on the night of Christmas Eve to bring back to life his festive spirit.

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