With the coming of the new decade, new technologies fill our everyday life. The 00’s saw the capabilities of the Internet in full throttle, which changed the way we live and the global economy, while the 2010’s introduced smartphones as an everyday tool for different uses, as well as the birth of an online streaming revolution. 2020’s promise to deliver a broader array of options to millions of people around the world,

While Netflix and Disney+ top the polls, there are numerous other streaming services already online, with even more being added in the coming years. What are some of those new players in the industry?

  • HBO Max: AT&T’s WarnerMedia upcoming streaming service is set to be launched in May 2020 and will include the premium HBO and Warner Bros. series and movies, as well as other AT&T properties like Cartoon Network, CNN, TBS and TNT. The price will be $15 per month.

  • Discovery/BBC: These two entertainment giants are teaming up for a new streaming service that will launch later this year. This service will include BBC series that will leave Netflix once earlier deals expire, as well as natural history and documentaries from Discovery. It will cost around $5 per month.

  • Peacock: Making reference to its parent company NBC’s logo, Peacock just launched on April 15. The service features three pricing tiers ranging from a free subscription, a $5 and a $10 Premium category. It will feature several NBC tv shows as well as other popular Universal Pictures movies and A&E productions.

These streaming services have certainly changed the way we enjoy television and promise to continue giving us some of the most thrilling and original content we have ever seen. Exciting times ahead!

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For some of us, year 2000 seems not to have been too long ago. For others, it’s a time before they were even born! There are movies we remember even decades after they release, becoming modern classics that left a mark in our popular culture. Let’s take a look at some of the best movies from 20 years ago, whether it is to remember them or to learn a little bit more about them:

  • Gladiator: Directed by Ridley Scott, this epic historical drama tells the story of how Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius is betrayed by Commodus and seeks revenge against the murders of his family by becoming a gladiator. The film also stars Joaquin Phoenix and Connie Nielsen.

  • X-Men: It all started with this movie 20 years ago. Superhero movies would change forever after X-Men showed a darker and less absurd comic book adaptation than its predecessors. The film introduced Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and featured popular mutants like Rogue, Cyclops, Professor X and Storm on their fight against Magneto.
  • Cast Away: This survival drama is one of Tom Hanks’ most famous works, which got him a nomination for best actor in a leading role at the Oscars. He plays a FedEx employee stranded on an uninhabited island after his plane crashes and his desperate attempts to survive. The word was introduced to Wilson the Volleyball on this movie.

  • Pollock: This biopic tells the life story of American painter Jackson Pollock, portrayed by Ed Harris - who also directed the film after being inspired by reading Pollock’s biography. The film features a cast including Jennifer Connelly and Marcia Gay Harden (who received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role).

So many great films have reached the 20-year mark. Any other of your favorites are turning the big 2 0 this year?

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One minute you’re planning a trip to Europe, the next you’re wondering where all the 4-ply toilet paper went. Rather than be discouraged by our current situation though, you should look for opportunities to make your life better.

One of the ways to do this is to not give up on social media altogether, but instead follow some more positive accounts. In this article we show you some of Uptown Aces favourite Instagrammers.

They’ll make you smile and they’ll make you laugh. Most of all though they’ll help remind you that there’s still plenty of good in the world.

Check them out below and make sure to let us know if you have suggestions for Instagram accounts that you yourself follow.

Good News Movement – For positive news only

If you think the news is always bad, you’re getting your information from the wrong source. Good News Movement only shares the admirable, the uplifting and the positive with its followers.

If that sounds too flowery for your tastes, consider the sheer amount of bad press that’s going around at the moment. Surely we could all use some good news?

From NBA stars donating money to a quarantined Italian man who pretends to be a DJ in his kitchen, Good News Movement is worth following when you’re in need of a grin.

Hapsters – For your daily dose of good vibes

Inspiring quotes, people being rad humans and plenty of funny pet videos. That’s more or less Hapsters in a nutshell, but in the times of coronavirus it’s become so much more

Now Hapsters is seen as a beacon of positivity, helping to promote good vibes and make everyone who follows their account smile like they’ve just won the jackpot on one of our many awesome pokies.

Upworthy – For feel good storytelling

Consider yourself a sucker for a feel good story? Yeah, so do we. Apparently just about everyone else in the world does too, which is why Upworthy has become so popular.

Sharing acts of human kindness and expressions of pure positivity, following Upworthy is an investment in your happiness. No matter how hard you are finding quarantine, we guarantee Upworthy will have something to make your day better.

Expect to see posts that feature landlords halving their tenants monthly rent, teachers being surprised by old students and parents sharing the moment that they’re reunited with their kids after they’ve been travelling.

Don’t forget your box of tissues.

National Geographic – For helping you appreciate the world

We’re just a small blip on the spectrum of human existence. There have been many struggles before us and there are many more still to come.

What the official National Geographic Instagram account does so well is remind us of our place in nature. With stirring images of animals, people and places, their page will make you appreciate the fact that you’re able to witness such beauty from the safety of your home.

Check it out and lose yourself in the stories that accompany each photo. This account is a panacea for those who are craving their outdoor fix.


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Millions around the world are currently isolating themselves in quarantine as a way of social distancing to prevent the current spread of COVID-19. Many are trying to adapt to a new daily routine that’s 100% indoors including working from home, binge-watch entire series on Netflix and finding a way to exercise and keep active. But for decades, astronauts have been quarantined to ensure they are virus-free and not incubating an illness when they get to the space station.

What’s quarantine like for an astronaut?

It’s a two-week period where a pre-flight quarantine only allows controlled visits from close family are permitted, to ensure minimal risk of the astronauts bringing a virus with them to space. While in quarantine, astronauts spend their time preparing for the mission ahead and get a good rest and workout to make sure that they're in peak physical and mental condition.

Quarantine became the norm for astronauts after Apollo 7 crewmen got sick in space with colds and medication quickly ran out. Nowadays pre-flight quarantine, which is known as "health stabilization” is an essential safety precaution for every crew going on a mission to space. The procedure is especially important for astronauts because spending a prolonged amount of time living in microgravity can actually affect the immune system.

With the coronavirus pandemic going on at the moment, NASA officials are discussing lengthening the quarantine time and take additional measures to ensure no astronaut is infected before boarding upcoming flights. One thing’s for sure: the folks at NASA know that the most important thing is staying healthy and protecting the NASA family during these critical times.

Space has always fascinated humankind, especially since it became possible to send whatever items we want into space like dogs, plants, insects, etc. Basically, if it fits into a spaceship, you’re good to go!

These are some of the nuttiest things that have crossed the atmosphere and sailed into space

  1. Pizza delivery: In 2001, Pizza Hut became the first company to make a delivery to the International Space Station for a salami pizza! They paid around $1 million at the time for this promotional stunt.

  2. Car: SpaceX performed the launch of the Tesla Roadster on 2018 on space while riding atop of the Falcon Heavy Rocket. Both companies are owned by multimillionaire.

  3. Buzz Lightyear: The world’s most famous astronaut toy was sent to infinity and beyond in 2008, where it spent 450 days before returning to its home, Earth.

  4. Voyager’s Golden Records: Inspired by astronomer Carl Sagan, NASA sent out to space two 12-inch golden record in 1970. The idea was to send 115 images in analog form, greetings spoken in 55 languages followed by the "sounds of Earth" and a 90-minute selection of music throughout the ages from around the world, to be picked up along the way by an extraterrestrial intelligent life form

  5. Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber: The original lightsaber used in the 1983 film Star Wars was flown into space and back in 2007, to commemorate the influence of Space in our modern culture and everyday lives.

There are many, many more random items that have traveled to outer space. Given the chance, what would you send beyond the earth’s atmosphere? Something to think about!

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